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A Brief Peek Into My Life In Magdeburg…

A brief peek into my life in Magdeburg…

Tommy Ruether, 34. PPP

I’m currently living in Magdeburg with Steffi and Dörte – the family of Til, a German participant of the program.

This is me, Dörte und Steffi´s parents outside Lager-Dora Concentration camp

They are really two of the nicest people I have ever met. So far, they’ve taken me to Nordhausen to visit Dörte’s parents and Maasholm to visit Steffi’s. We’ve also taken day trips around Sachsen-Anhalt to climb the Brocken and visit some of the older towns.

Aside from the little trips I take with the fam, I’ve been trying my best to get involved here in Magdeburg. I’m currently part of a group of students that’s helping introduce technology to seniors. For example, last week we took them to DM and taught them how to print photos from their smart phones and I was blessed to see more cats and grandkids in one hour than I have my entire life. I’m also starting more volunteer work with AIDS-Hilfe starting this Friday.

A photo of Dörte, her father and me on the edge of Thüringen at the old boder border for Tag der Einheit

I’ve also somehow been caught up in odd jobs here like going door to door asking neighbors if I could peek in their garden for my host moms’ lost cat, chopping down my neighbor’s tree, co-DJing a party at my Hochschule’s Mensa, helping my friend with street interviews for his job at a radio station (asking men with beards if they’ve ever stolen something in their lives…I suppose that’s a stereotype here?), and finally a friend (maybe I’m jumping the gun with “freund” and should still keep it at “bekannter?”) swooned me into joining a group that’s trying to turn an old factory into a paintball arena (by the way I’ve never played but as the program guidelines mention, always say “yes” ?).

Other than that I’m enjoying the weekly ritual of Sunday night Tatort and sitting with my host moms (who are both therapists by the way) around the table and plauschen over everything between god and the earth.

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